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18 October 2009

YAY I'm done!! :)

I have been working on my first essay assignment for the last two weeks and I'm so relieved its done. Finished it on Friday (due Monday)...Ha ha overachiever or just really trying to not be a procrastinator. Well I'd say both and also I'm not about to start wasting my money. GRAD school doesn't come cheap :) Even though I'm finished I still have this anxiety that I'm going to perform poorly. Can't beat myself up though. I did the best I could. Be all that you can be right???

So I finally scored a giveaway this week, YAY! Winning these things aren't easy. Takes a lot of blog reading and following. It helps me out with my blog though. I get the latest and greatest in fashion and makeup. Without further ado....I won the All Ruby Cakes $25 Giveaway! yay woot woot! is super awesome! I posted an announcement of the giveaway here back in September. Thanks All Ruby Cakes for your oh so wonderful prize :) I can't wait to go shopping!


Slow week for good sales...wahwah :(


B1G1 free
on all Almay Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Blush or Eye Cosmetics.

FREE St. Ives Apricot Scrub 6 oz. ($3.79 VALUE) with purchase of St. Ives Lotion, 18 oz.
thru Oct 24. I use the apricot scrub! Lovely stuff :)

Now for the high end:

MAC Cosmetics does it again! It's holiday time at favorite time of the year. They come out with fantastic gifts for yourself :) LOL...I still haven't found a local place that carries MAC so I haven't had a MAC fix yet. Free shipping until Oct 24! What is your favorite MAC holiday item this year??? Let me know in the comments section. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Congratulations on your win, darling!

    I have yet to buy any MAC Cosmetics - perhaps this holiday season will be the one I choose to splurge! :)