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30 July 2009

Blog me baby....OH YEAH!

What a rough week I have HAD! Viruses (evil ones that infiltrate your pc), 12 hour days, and STILL NO DOCUMENT FROM SALLIE MAE! So I got one of those mini ASUS notebooks for my bday and everyday since that I kept telling myself, "GET ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE!!" And yes my procrastination finally kicked me in the ASS. I now have to recover the little baby and hope it comes back to life. Well the good thing is I didn't have anything important on it yet. Phew! So now for work. If you read this article from CNN, you can start to sympathize with flight attendants. The other day we worked a 12.38 day of nonstop up and down 4 legged evilness. I know I know some may say there are worst jobs but I guess every job has its qualms. And lastly, still no LETTER to get my visa FINALIZED! ARGH TIMES 10...Fo REAL!

Now onto some goodies. This week I scored a DESIGNER purse from GOODWILL! Yes GOODWILL! Your friendly franchise thrift store. I didn't know anything about the designer, Ziordia, so I did a search on google on my nifty little blackberry and BAM...tadadada...RETAIL $298 :) The best thing about it was how pristine the condition was. Upon scrupulous examination, I found one flaw which was a tiny scratch next to the upper zipper. BAM...SOLD! I walked out of there feeling like I hit that DAMN jackpot. Only paid.........$19.99! BOOYA!I'm in love with its buttery soft leather exterior and totally adore the interior which is lined with a colorful fabric (roses and skulls). It doesn't stop there. It also has a removable cell phone holder and vanity mirror. HOLLAH!


CVS is having a sale on all St Ives or Noxema Skin Care! $3.99 with cardI use the St Ives Apricot Scrub. It's a wonderful exfoliate and a great price. But I noticed that the 10 oz not so convenient jar is also $3.99. So you get more product for your money if you buy the jar as opposed to the 7 oz tube.

Sally Hansen nail care is also on sale. Buy one get one 50% off. They have awesome top coats and I would like to try their HD Nail Collection. This is Pixel Pretty. Ooooo Ahhhh!!


Save up to 50% off at Benefit’s Summer Sale-abration! For a limited time only, get hot deals on some of their hottest products! Visit the Buh-Buys section now!

Some examples of the goodies:

spring '08 creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in Bunny Hop

Price: $19.00 SALE $9.50

double ended gloss ultra-shine gloss in dark

Price: $16.00 SALE $8.00

There's plenty more so don't forget to check it out.

Well its 11:35 Arizona time so time for my much needed beauty sleep....zzzzzz!

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25 July 2009

Sienna Miller...Love her style!

I've been crushing on Sienna Miller's style lately. She looks great in
these looks:
Photos Courtesy of

Most of all I dig her loose tank. We all know that maybe getting to the gym isn't so easy these days and this style definitely hides the gut. So I went on a research spree to find some look a likes. Here they are:

Clockwise from the top: Armani Exchange $29,
Adam $29, Alternative Apparel $30,
Silence and Noise $38
Adam + Eve at ShopStyle

22 July 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY!!

Hey Y'all...I'm back with my weekly "blogerrific" update! Lots of good stuff in store for you this time around. But let me get my drama out of the way before I start. So as most of you know I am UK bound for Grad School in the fall (clap clap)!! I am currently applying for the visa and boy can I tell you how stressed I am. First of all, they want your soul, 1)Passport, 2)Transcripts, 3) proof of enrollment, 4) proof you have money. Number 4 is all that is holding me back right now. Most of you are familiar with Sallie Mae I'm guessing, right? Well they have taken their sweet FREAKING time getting me a simple letter saying that I have been approved with a school loan. So there in lies my stress and drama for the week. My soul is due to tomorrow and if I don't get it in I'm really not sure if my application will be DENIED. Which in particular is my worst fear!! ARGH!!

So for the goodies:

I scored on two things this week!
BEBE OUTLET @ the Arizona Mills Mall sometimes has Additional 50 percent off sales (My Fave)
Bebe Find (Reg. Price $44, sale Price $22)

LAST CHANCE @ Camelback Collonade ( Sometimes find some treasures but you have to dig)

Converse All Stars (Sale Price $19.99) (These usually go for around $45)

And no its not missing shoelaces...these are the non shoe lace slip on style :)


Walgreens is having a B1G1 free sale on L'Oreal Mascara:

I like Voluminous Carbon Black but I find the Double Extend stuff is hard to get off. You really have to sit at your sink soaking your eyes with warm water and then peeling them off your eyelashes! And every woman knows when its bedtime we just want to do a quick face wash and then GET TO BED!! Not spend over ten minutes getting mascara off!

Also a sale on Neutrogena Hair Products ($4.99):

-Original Shampoo, 6 oz.
-Triple Moisture or Renewal, 5.1 to 8.5 oz.I use the Triple Moisture Deep Conditioning stuff once a week and it really makes my hair soft. Since I only use it once a week, the bottle lasts for about 6 months. And for $4.99 you best STOCK UP!! SALE ENDS JULY 25th


MAC Cosmetics is having a very short FREE SHIPPING sale going on this week! This is perfect for the shopper who knows what they want and is too lazy to drive to the MAC counter to get it (LIKE ME)!! Here is the info:

JULY 20 - 24


Receive Free Standard Shipping on any purchase on M·A·C Cosmetics Online. No offer code necessary. This offer is valid through 11:59 pm EST Friday, July 24th on orders shipped to US addresses only.

SO there it least there was more GOOD then BAD AND UGLY!

P.S. Best line of the week "I've heard of muffin top but this girl has the whole bakery going on" (MADE ME PEE MY PANTS)

16 July 2009

Here I Blog again....

So I always tell myself that I need to blog more often but with the extremely busy schedule I've been having I really did NOT have the time. So in that case, I'll make it up to you. I have a couple of treats for you this week. Well mostly treats for me but some valuable info for you too. Last weekend I scored a Burbank overnight(my first in 3 years) and had a fun filled packed Sunday. My friend Andrea(friends since first year UCLA) picked me up bright and early to conquer the massive monthly ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET. All the years I had been living in LA, I had not gone once or even heard of it. Little did I know the treasures I would find. In my mind, I had a list of MUST HAVES. Boots, belts, and jewelry. Successfully and satisfactorily I was pleased with my findings.

Gold Sunflower Earrings $5

Vintage Brown Belt $5 (Great
for cinching sundresses or tops)

Vintage Brown Flat Boots $15 (By far my most favorite find)

Due to the sweltering 93 degree heat along with the asphalt laden market, I really could not stand more than two hours of it. So we decided to call it a day and be satisfied with our purchases. I would like to go back and do some more damage. Will bring lots of water this time and bring an umbrella to protect me from the sun! So if you live in LA or will be in LA come join me August 9th for a fun filled day of FLEA MARKET digging!

A couple of weeks ago I was stumbling upon different websites (out of boredom, you know what I mean), I like to watch Makeup tutorials and Hair tutorials on, and I happened to run across a great idea. I subscribe to Michelle Phan's page and loved her hippie look. In her tutorial she is wearing a headband that looks like a CHANEL purse strap. I followed her easy instructions on how to make one and then I was off to the thrift store to find one. I bought a vintage purse for $2.99 and used the strap to make this:

I took off the chain of the purse, luckily it had hooks at the end so I can adjust it to my head size. If I want the normal headband look the hooks allow me to adjust it as I please. I was channeling Nicole Richie here but more like when SONNY WAS WITH CHER. LOL....Peace man!

Last topic of the day: Over the knee boots, HOT OR NOT??

Prada, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs have all advertised this well "not so new" look in the latest fall fashion. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman before she got all fixed up. LOL!!
So let's take a poll or just write a comment...HOT OR NOT?? And why??

10 July 2009

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...Come one Come All...F the recession!

My good friend Caonha ("K" and then an "ONA") has just notified me of the HUGE spectacularrrr Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starting July 17th. Here is my wish list from the catalog:
Michael Kors chronograph watch on sale from $225.00 to $149.90(about 34 % off). Always wanted one of these. I drool when I pass the watch counter.
UGG Cardy Knit boots on sale from $139.95 to $99.90(about 29% off). Always wanted these but never lived in more than 50 degree winters. Now that England is coming my way these would come in handy :)

Hudson Jeans on sale from $176 to $119.90(32 % off). I don't own one of these but I would like to :)

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb(exclusive set) on sale for $115. Although I still can't justify paying more than $50 for perfume, this set is a good deal because the 1.7 oz bottle alone is GASP...$100.
So I may suck it up and buy this set because I'm getting the extras for $15 more dollars anyway. EGAD!!

Mac Lip Bag $35 ($57 value)
Summer Crop: A small makeup bag in the signature black-and-white rose pattern of the M·A·C Graphic Garden collection. Features Semi-Annual and Garden Bed lipsticks and Summer Crop Lipglass. For those of you who need to update your brushes or just love MAC they also have two kinds of brush sets for $49.50($125 value) which comes with 5 brushes and a cute little bag.

So Remember Sale starts July 17th!!

04 July 2009

Alien is invading my insides....

So the other day after a great day spent at Newport Beach, I awoke with the worst stomach pain of my life. I thought was it the KING CRAB or the Haagen Daz or the Garlic fries? I proceeded to the bathroom to do my business and it all seemed normal. However, the rest of the day I felt as if I had given birth and my insides were sore. My pain was at least 9 on the pain threshold. I had a back ache, my legs felt sore and my stomach very sore. I took an ibuprofen and although it had subsided I still felt pretty ill. Well today is day 3 since that occurence and I'm still feeling weak and sore. I am convinced there is an alien in my insides that is sucking the life force out of me! But on the serious side I do think that I have a virus and my body is working its best to fight it. I've been drinking lots of liquids and eating regularly. Hopefully day four is better and I get back to health :)

I would like to share one deal with you for this weekend. Starting July 5th, ULTA is having a sale on their LITER TIGI TWEEN COLLECTION $9.99 per bottle. I personally use Superstar. It smells great and is sulfate free so that my color lasts longer.

For those of you with curly hair try Curls Rock, blondes try Dumb Blondes, and dry thin hair try Oatmeal and Honey. There are several more so go to your local ULTA and stock up! It's a good deal because the regular price for a liter bottle is anywhere from $18 to $26. For an extra deal, print the 20% coupon from this link.

Thanks for reading my blog and Happy 4th of July!SHOUT OUT CHECK OUT MY COUSINS BLOG NINA D!

01 July 2009

So I decided to blog....

So I finally decided to join the 21st century and share the little information that I possess with the cyber world. This blog will be about fashion, cosmetics, deals, funny stories, life, sex?, or just plain old venting. Like today when I was about 2 mins away from being late for a doctors appointment a DICK #($*#)$ stole my parking space. I was so upset that I started honking and flipping him off. I didn't really know if he could see me but it just felt good to do IT! Yeah I know road rage BAD!! But sometimes I feel like people think its all about them. EEK!
So anyway, so here I go with my first deal of the week....Bath and Body Works is having a BIG OL' SALE on basically everything in there store. I happened to mosey in and see what it was all about. I came out with about 4 items and only spent $3.56. "How" you ask? The 90 percent off bin had tons of lip glosses and lipsticks. Some were already picked through but I was in the mood to HUNT! So I found these:
They were each .75 cents each.WHOA! The next one is the jackpot though:
Vincent Longo which retails at $20 or more for there products were all in the 90 percent off bin. So this was a whopping $1.10. Too bad most of the merchandise in the bin was half broken or I would've bought all of them. But point is I'm sure your local BBW will have the same bin with some goodies for you to hunt through. CHECK IT OUT!

So these are my deals for today! BBW sale ends July 5th so head down there quick :)
Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!