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04 July 2009

Alien is invading my insides....

So the other day after a great day spent at Newport Beach, I awoke with the worst stomach pain of my life. I thought was it the KING CRAB or the Haagen Daz or the Garlic fries? I proceeded to the bathroom to do my business and it all seemed normal. However, the rest of the day I felt as if I had given birth and my insides were sore. My pain was at least 9 on the pain threshold. I had a back ache, my legs felt sore and my stomach very sore. I took an ibuprofen and although it had subsided I still felt pretty ill. Well today is day 3 since that occurence and I'm still feeling weak and sore. I am convinced there is an alien in my insides that is sucking the life force out of me! But on the serious side I do think that I have a virus and my body is working its best to fight it. I've been drinking lots of liquids and eating regularly. Hopefully day four is better and I get back to health :)

I would like to share one deal with you for this weekend. Starting July 5th, ULTA is having a sale on their LITER TIGI TWEEN COLLECTION $9.99 per bottle. I personally use Superstar. It smells great and is sulfate free so that my color lasts longer.

For those of you with curly hair try Curls Rock, blondes try Dumb Blondes, and dry thin hair try Oatmeal and Honey. There are several more so go to your local ULTA and stock up! It's a good deal because the regular price for a liter bottle is anywhere from $18 to $26. For an extra deal, print the 20% coupon from this link.

Thanks for reading my blog and Happy 4th of July!SHOUT OUT CHECK OUT MY COUSINS BLOG NINA D!

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