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01 July 2009

So I decided to blog....

So I finally decided to join the 21st century and share the little information that I possess with the cyber world. This blog will be about fashion, cosmetics, deals, funny stories, life, sex?, or just plain old venting. Like today when I was about 2 mins away from being late for a doctors appointment a DICK #($*#)$ stole my parking space. I was so upset that I started honking and flipping him off. I didn't really know if he could see me but it just felt good to do IT! Yeah I know road rage BAD!! But sometimes I feel like people think its all about them. EEK!
So anyway, so here I go with my first deal of the week....Bath and Body Works is having a BIG OL' SALE on basically everything in there store. I happened to mosey in and see what it was all about. I came out with about 4 items and only spent $3.56. "How" you ask? The 90 percent off bin had tons of lip glosses and lipsticks. Some were already picked through but I was in the mood to HUNT! So I found these:
They were each .75 cents each.WHOA! The next one is the jackpot though:
Vincent Longo which retails at $20 or more for there products were all in the 90 percent off bin. So this was a whopping $1.10. Too bad most of the merchandise in the bin was half broken or I would've bought all of them. But point is I'm sure your local BBW will have the same bin with some goodies for you to hunt through. CHECK IT OUT!

So these are my deals for today! BBW sale ends July 5th so head down there quick :)
Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! If I can tear myself away from the couch this weekend I will definitely check it out.

  2. I freaking love you Melissa! So funny to finally read this..on my long ass layover in Vancouver.. OKAY Im trying to get my icon on there...being a gmail acct holder and it wont let me...I have to be in the 'in' group! stupid technology! Love that Oatmeal and Honey is on sale...