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22 July 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY!!

Hey Y'all...I'm back with my weekly "blogerrific" update! Lots of good stuff in store for you this time around. But let me get my drama out of the way before I start. So as most of you know I am UK bound for Grad School in the fall (clap clap)!! I am currently applying for the visa and boy can I tell you how stressed I am. First of all, they want your soul, 1)Passport, 2)Transcripts, 3) proof of enrollment, 4) proof you have money. Number 4 is all that is holding me back right now. Most of you are familiar with Sallie Mae I'm guessing, right? Well they have taken their sweet FREAKING time getting me a simple letter saying that I have been approved with a school loan. So there in lies my stress and drama for the week. My soul is due to tomorrow and if I don't get it in I'm really not sure if my application will be DENIED. Which in particular is my worst fear!! ARGH!!

So for the goodies:

I scored on two things this week!
BEBE OUTLET @ the Arizona Mills Mall sometimes has Additional 50 percent off sales (My Fave)
Bebe Find (Reg. Price $44, sale Price $22)

LAST CHANCE @ Camelback Collonade ( Sometimes find some treasures but you have to dig)

Converse All Stars (Sale Price $19.99) (These usually go for around $45)

And no its not missing shoelaces...these are the non shoe lace slip on style :)


Walgreens is having a B1G1 free sale on L'Oreal Mascara:

I like Voluminous Carbon Black but I find the Double Extend stuff is hard to get off. You really have to sit at your sink soaking your eyes with warm water and then peeling them off your eyelashes! And every woman knows when its bedtime we just want to do a quick face wash and then GET TO BED!! Not spend over ten minutes getting mascara off!

Also a sale on Neutrogena Hair Products ($4.99):

-Original Shampoo, 6 oz.
-Triple Moisture or Renewal, 5.1 to 8.5 oz.I use the Triple Moisture Deep Conditioning stuff once a week and it really makes my hair soft. Since I only use it once a week, the bottle lasts for about 6 months. And for $4.99 you best STOCK UP!! SALE ENDS JULY 25th


MAC Cosmetics is having a very short FREE SHIPPING sale going on this week! This is perfect for the shopper who knows what they want and is too lazy to drive to the MAC counter to get it (LIKE ME)!! Here is the info:

JULY 20 - 24


Receive Free Standard Shipping on any purchase on M·A·C Cosmetics Online. No offer code necessary. This offer is valid through 11:59 pm EST Friday, July 24th on orders shipped to US addresses only.

SO there it least there was more GOOD then BAD AND UGLY!

P.S. Best line of the week "I've heard of muffin top but this girl has the whole bakery going on" (MADE ME PEE MY PANTS)

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