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30 July 2009

Blog me baby....OH YEAH!

What a rough week I have HAD! Viruses (evil ones that infiltrate your pc), 12 hour days, and STILL NO DOCUMENT FROM SALLIE MAE! So I got one of those mini ASUS notebooks for my bday and everyday since that I kept telling myself, "GET ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE!!" And yes my procrastination finally kicked me in the ASS. I now have to recover the little baby and hope it comes back to life. Well the good thing is I didn't have anything important on it yet. Phew! So now for work. If you read this article from CNN, you can start to sympathize with flight attendants. The other day we worked a 12.38 day of nonstop up and down 4 legged evilness. I know I know some may say there are worst jobs but I guess every job has its qualms. And lastly, still no LETTER to get my visa FINALIZED! ARGH TIMES 10...Fo REAL!

Now onto some goodies. This week I scored a DESIGNER purse from GOODWILL! Yes GOODWILL! Your friendly franchise thrift store. I didn't know anything about the designer, Ziordia, so I did a search on google on my nifty little blackberry and BAM...tadadada...RETAIL $298 :) The best thing about it was how pristine the condition was. Upon scrupulous examination, I found one flaw which was a tiny scratch next to the upper zipper. BAM...SOLD! I walked out of there feeling like I hit that DAMN jackpot. Only paid.........$19.99! BOOYA!I'm in love with its buttery soft leather exterior and totally adore the interior which is lined with a colorful fabric (roses and skulls). It doesn't stop there. It also has a removable cell phone holder and vanity mirror. HOLLAH!


CVS is having a sale on all St Ives or Noxema Skin Care! $3.99 with cardI use the St Ives Apricot Scrub. It's a wonderful exfoliate and a great price. But I noticed that the 10 oz not so convenient jar is also $3.99. So you get more product for your money if you buy the jar as opposed to the 7 oz tube.

Sally Hansen nail care is also on sale. Buy one get one 50% off. They have awesome top coats and I would like to try their HD Nail Collection. This is Pixel Pretty. Ooooo Ahhhh!!


Save up to 50% off at Benefit’s Summer Sale-abration! For a limited time only, get hot deals on some of their hottest products! Visit the Buh-Buys section now!

Some examples of the goodies:

spring '08 creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in Bunny Hop

Price: $19.00 SALE $9.50

double ended gloss ultra-shine gloss in dark

Price: $16.00 SALE $8.00

There's plenty more so don't forget to check it out.

Well its 11:35 Arizona time so time for my much needed beauty sleep....zzzzzz!

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