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16 July 2009

Here I Blog again....

So I always tell myself that I need to blog more often but with the extremely busy schedule I've been having I really did NOT have the time. So in that case, I'll make it up to you. I have a couple of treats for you this week. Well mostly treats for me but some valuable info for you too. Last weekend I scored a Burbank overnight(my first in 3 years) and had a fun filled packed Sunday. My friend Andrea(friends since first year UCLA) picked me up bright and early to conquer the massive monthly ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET. All the years I had been living in LA, I had not gone once or even heard of it. Little did I know the treasures I would find. In my mind, I had a list of MUST HAVES. Boots, belts, and jewelry. Successfully and satisfactorily I was pleased with my findings.

Gold Sunflower Earrings $5

Vintage Brown Belt $5 (Great
for cinching sundresses or tops)

Vintage Brown Flat Boots $15 (By far my most favorite find)

Due to the sweltering 93 degree heat along with the asphalt laden market, I really could not stand more than two hours of it. So we decided to call it a day and be satisfied with our purchases. I would like to go back and do some more damage. Will bring lots of water this time and bring an umbrella to protect me from the sun! So if you live in LA or will be in LA come join me August 9th for a fun filled day of FLEA MARKET digging!

A couple of weeks ago I was stumbling upon different websites (out of boredom, you know what I mean), I like to watch Makeup tutorials and Hair tutorials on, and I happened to run across a great idea. I subscribe to Michelle Phan's page and loved her hippie look. In her tutorial she is wearing a headband that looks like a CHANEL purse strap. I followed her easy instructions on how to make one and then I was off to the thrift store to find one. I bought a vintage purse for $2.99 and used the strap to make this:

I took off the chain of the purse, luckily it had hooks at the end so I can adjust it to my head size. If I want the normal headband look the hooks allow me to adjust it as I please. I was channeling Nicole Richie here but more like when SONNY WAS WITH CHER. LOL....Peace man!

Last topic of the day: Over the knee boots, HOT OR NOT??

Prada, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs have all advertised this well "not so new" look in the latest fall fashion. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman before she got all fixed up. LOL!!
So let's take a poll or just write a comment...HOT OR NOT?? And why??

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  1. Not! No matter which way you do it you will look like a prostitute.