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16 November 2009

Head Explosion

Dissertation, tests, papers, statistics, humerus, oh my! This week has been an overload of information for my pretty little head. I think it may actually self-destruct in 5 seconds Mission Impossible style! Three weeks from today I have a paper and test due. EEK! Saying sorry ahead of time that my updates are not as punctual. Last weekend I colored my hair a nice dark hue of black cherry. Looks yummy! :) I finally found a pair of skinny jeans that I like from a place here called New Look. MAC cosmetics had a 10 percent off sale at a local department store so I bought a new eyeshadow called Woodwinked. Anything new happening for you this week? Let me know in the comments section. Would love to hear from you! I also wanted to comment on how the young ones dress these days. I went out to a club/bar in Bournemouth and was appalled at how short the skirts were. I really think that 'women' these days really don't leave much to the imagination. I mean I saw bits and pieces that NOBODY should EVER have to see! What are your thoughts on this?


I won Japanese Blotting Papers ( from Makeup for Life. Thanks!!



Yes To Carrots Lip Butter
thru Nov 21
with purchase of Yes To Carrots, Cucumbers or Tomatoes Priced $8.99 or Higher
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I've never used these products before but I've read good reviews on them.

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Sinful Colors Nail Lacquer
thru Nov 21
I have a couple of Sinful Colors. The color is brilliant but the chipping factor is high so make sure you use a good top coat and apply it every two days to keep it from chipping.

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L’OrĂ©al HiP Cosmetics
thru Nov 21
These are great! Some have said that the eyeshadows are comparable to MAC ones. The pigment is high and stays on well. I have used the lip gloss and love the vanilla scent :)


Free 7 piece gift and Shipping @ with a purchase of $40 or more! Use code SPARKLE. If you've never used Korres, try some small bottles from TJ Maxx. I have found shampoo, lotions and body gels in the cosmetics section there. I believe that ULTA carries Korres too.

Friends and Family sale at!! 20 percent off. Use code ENJOY until Nov. 20. I scored some Philosophy products here in UK from TK Maxx. YAY!

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  1. wow u have a full week. i am still trying to recover from flu bug.

  2. WOW .. You're really grown up now .. How's my longtime IRC Chat Sis doin. Its been far too long.. Drop me a line and we can catch up :D *HUGS* - Steve