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24 January 2010

"Hey Hue, I love your patterned tights!"

I went out with my girlfriends last night and one of them told us something hilarious. She asked a guy "So why are you attracted to me?" He replies,"because you wear those tights", she says "Huh? what?", He says, "You wear those patterned tights!". We bust out laughing even though we were completely confused! So this is where my idea comes from. Check out these sexy tights from Hue (retail around $12)! Maybe next time a guy will complement you for wearing them LOL :)

Hue at ShopStyle

Do you wear patterned tights? What do you wear them with?


  1. I'm so in love with that first pair. Fabulous!

  2. he, he. GUILTY I'm wearing a pair now with tory burch rainboots and some striped dress I picked up fromt wetseal decades ago! I'm with kristin I love the first pair!

  3. i'd want to wear but haven't bought one yet :) still looking for the perfect one :D