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16 March 2011

CSN Review: U.S. Traveler - Business Rolling Laptop Briefcase in Black was kind enough to offer me another review opportunity.  I chose the US Traveler Business Rolling Laptop Briefcase.  I really love this bag!! And I am going to list 5 reasons why:

1. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets- I travel with a lot of paperwork, computer accessories, and I like to keep toiletries to freshen up on flights.
2. Detachable strap- I really don't use the strap because I love to pull instead of carry so I'm happy that I could do without it.
3. Rear Accordion Organizer- Great for organizing paperwork and if you need more space you can always remove it.
4. In line wheels- These make the bag move really easily while I'm running late for a flight.
5. Lightweight- I hate bags that are heavy when empty but this one is so lightweight that when I do fill it up it doesn't weigh a million pounds.

Thank you CSN for this opportunity!! Visit them today and check out their great selection of luggage, home items and even shoes!!

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