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14 August 2009

SOTD: Site of the Day


I have been in to nails lately. I mean seriously I change the color every 3-4 days. Obsessive I know!! So I found this cool feature on First of all, OPI has the best nail polishes! Great consistency, perfect sized brush, and dries fast. The colors are made so vibrant and true to bottle color. AWESOME! It is on the pricey side ($8.50 a bottle), however, worth it when Ulta has them on sale. So if you go to there is a feature called Nail Studio. A model hand comes up on a little screen and there are three really cool options. 1) You can change the hands skin tone to match yours. 2) You can change the length of the fingernails. 3) You can choose any OPI color and test it on the hand. WOW cool right???!! So check it out NOW! You will love it.


  1. I haven't painted my nails in soooo long!! But I've been wanting to...

  2. Ulta is having a sale on opi right now :) check it out. thanks for follwing me :)